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Charles Koch Institute
Arlington, VA

Liberty@Work®is a web-based professional education and training program for individuals interested in advancing economic freedom. In collaboration with state-based non-profit organizations from all across the country, participants have the chance to undergo management training for four hours every Wednesday and further expand their skills and network while working in full-time positions. Additionally, participants travel to Washington, DC for the first week of the program and meet in-person for three other professional education summits.


Through Market-Based Management® workshops, instructors, group projects, and reading discussions, the professional and management capabilities of each individual will be developed. In addition to the online education and training, participants gain access to a network of 1,000 professionals and dozens of non-profit partner organizations.


Admin/Human Resources, Communications, Development/Fundraising, Drug Policy, Early-Career, Economic/Fiscal Policy, Education Policy, Event Management, Film/Video Production, Foreign Policy, Full-Time, Healthcare Policy, Immigration Policy, Journalism, Late-Career, Law, Leadership, Marketing, Mid-Career, Other, Outreach/Recruitment, Policy Research, Program Managment, Web Development/IT.