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Digital Associate


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Reports to:

Nathanael Yellis, Deputy Political Director


This role is for a technically sophisticated generalist. The role entails quickly generating digital campaigns in support of Heritage Action’s policy objectives. Digital campaigns include mass email, website creation,graphics, and online advertising.

Required skills:
Desired Skills:

Ideal candidates will be digital natives who look to push the limits of deployed technology.

You should understand what the conservative movement is, what quality activism is, and how organizations like Heritage Action work to hold Congress accountable. Great projects and results outweigh education and experience.

To apply:

Send an email to that includes:

  1. Your one page resume.
  2. A link to a personal website that you built;; a link to the page of a professional website that you built.
  3. An email to conservative activists telling them why the Farm Bill should be opposed (as an attached .html file).
  4. An email to conservative activists asking them to call their Representative and ask him or her to oppose the Farm Bill (as an attached .html file).


Early-Career, Full-Time, Web Development/IT.