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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: I have a resume, but I think it needs improvements.  What steps can I take to improve my resume?


A: Here is a listing of articles from the career advice blog geared towards improving your resume.  


For more personal support, submit your resume to the Liberty Guide resume review service. 



Q: I would like to become a college professor. Where can I find information about this career path?


A: Kosmos, the IHS online resource for academics, offers an array of career advice for aspiring academics. 



Q: How do I write a cover letter so that my resume gets noticed?


A: Check out these articles from the Career Advice Blog on how to write exceptional cover letters.



Q: Is law school a good choice for me?


A: Law School is a big step! Read these articles from the Career Advice Blog before making the decision. 



Q: I have an interview! Now what?


A: These articles from the Career Advice Blog will help you know what to do in your first interview.



Q: How can I improve my communication skills so that I stand out in interviews, networking events, writing, etc?


A: These tidbits from the Career Advice Blog will give you the advantages you need when communicating.



Q: How do I network more effectively?


A: Check out these articles from the Career Advice Blog for some advice!



Q: I got the job! Now what?


A: Check out these helpful tips from the Career Resource Blog to make sure that you are starting your job on the right foot.



Q: I am a student looking to learn more about liberty.  Where can I look?


A: A number of organizations host seminars and conferences where you can learn about liberty and participate in incredible networking opportunities.  The Liberty Roadmap has a listing of many of the groups and organizations that advance liberty.   



Q: Where do I fit into the Institute for Humane Studies’ programs?


A: Fill out this short survey to help us determine which of our programs best fit your needs. 



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You can also check out the Career Advice Blog for more tips on landing your dream career.