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Making Sense of the Great Depression

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Making Sense of the Great Depression
July 1, 2013 8:00 pm
July 1, 2013 10:00 pm
May 28, 2013
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The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession prompted pundits of all ideologies to compare these events to those of the Great Depression. These comparisons have been used in the past five years to justify significant growth in the size and scope of government. However, many of the arguments are based on vast misconceptions about the Great Depression, and that is what I’m going to address in this program!





In this eight-week course, we will explore four crucial questions:


  1. What caused the Great Depression?
  2. Why was it so bad?
  3. Why did it last so long?
  4. What eventually ended it?


In order to fully understand what happened during the Great Depression, we’ll begin with a chronology of events to provide historical context. We’ll also cover some basic economic theories about the causes of the Depression, including the Austrian theory of the business cycle. With this knowledge, we can examine the events of the Great Depression more closely.


During this time, we will find answers to questions behind the most common Great Depression myths:


  1. Was President Hoover really an advocate of laissez-faire capitalism, and did laissez-faire capitalism policies cause the Depression to happen?
  2. Did the New Deal really play a part in ending the Depression, as is commonly claimed?
  3. Was World War II really the key to ending the Depression?


You may be surprised at what you discover!


You will have access to online videos, lectures, and playlists discussing the program’s topics. A couple of hours each week will provide you at the end of the eight-week program with an excellent overview of the topic and a signed certificate of completion from Professor Horwitz.


If you’d like to complete the session with distinction and get special perks like free books, invitations to exclusive in-person educational programs, personalized letters of recommendation, and other opportunities, you might want to commit yourself to about 5 hours a week to make it happen.

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