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The Challenge of Liberty 2013 Summer Seminars for Students

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The Challenge of Liberty 2013 Summer Seminars for Students
July 15, 2013 8:00 am
July 19, 2013 5:00 pm
The Independent Institute
June 7, 2013
the University of California
101 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA, United States


The Challenge of Liberty


2013 Summer Seminars for Students


Each seminar is designed as an introductory course on the principles of free-market economics and the philosophical foundations of freedom and natural rights. Each day consists of presentations by key university professors and Independent Institute research fellows, as well as smaller round-table discussions.


  • On Monday students learn about the core philosophical foundations of a free society, the rise of liberty in the West, and the elemental principles of economics.
  • On Tuesday the faculty covers such key topics as public choice theory, praxeology, the history of economic thought. Following the lead of great economists like Ludwig von Mises, we introduce students to these fundamentals and then move on to the ramifications of state interventionism—taxation, regulation, antitrust law, and socialist central planning.
  • By Thursday the teachers have struck the root of mythology surrounding so-called market failure and have moved on to illustrating the social destruction unleashed by all-too-real government failure. The state has made a mess of education, health care, the environment, and charity, and students hear market, voluntary approaches to these social issues they won’t get elsewhere.
  • On Friday we round out the week by discussing issues of pressing international importance.


Preliminary curriculum and other details for each seminar are available:



Hosted by the Independent Institute at UC Berkeley. Room and board available. Students staying on campus will have access to the university’s amenities including cafeteria, pool, athletic fields, dorm common areas and nightly events.


Monday, July 15: The Rise of Liberty
The Challenge of Liberty
Ethics and Liberty
Western Civilization and Thought
Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations
A History of Economic Thought
Classical Liberalism


Tuesday, July 16: Economics Fundamentals
Competition and the Market Process
Public Choice
Theory of Entrepreneurship
Money and Banking
The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle
Property Rights and Civil Liberties


Wednesday July 17: Interventionism
Regulation and Interventionism
Why Socialism Failed
Fraternal Societies
The Economics of Energy Transportation


Thursday, July 18: The Nation State
Antitrust and Monopoly
Globalization and Development
Centralization and Liberty
Ideology and Government Growth
The Welfare-Warfare State


Friday, July 19: The Future of Freedom
America’s Great Depression
The Myth of War Prosperity
The Future of Liberty


*This program is operated by The Independent Institute. The University of California, Berkeley, and its Conference Services are not associated or affiliated with or endorses the Independent Institute, other than to provide a location for this program on the campus.


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