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11 Ways to Gauge Your Next Employer’s Culture

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January 25, 2013

by George Anders, on LinkedIn

Original source can be found here.


It’s easy to size up people’s personalities. A rich vocabulary lets us distinguish between introverts and extroverts, optimists and pessimists, and so on. When the conversation turns to corporate cultures, however, often we are at a loss for words. Our own company’s culture is familiar but hard to articulate; other organizations’ habits are as mysterious as they are powerful.


What we don’t know about business cultures can hurt us. Wave goodbye to a familiar, highly idiosyncratic culture (such as General Electric or Nike) and jump into a bewildering alternative — and we risk a gear-grinding failure. When academic researchers ask people why a new job didn’t work out, the top factors revolve around culture clashes. By contrast, finding the right cultural fit greatly improves your chances of a smooth transition and fulfilling work in the years to come.


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